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Oakley Romeo 2.0 Plasma Gold Iridium Sunglasses

Model: Oakley 4083
$178.65  $14.99
Save: 92% off

Oakley Romeo 2.0 Plasma Gold Iridium Sunglasses

(14) Model: Oakley 4083

$178.65  $14.99
Save: 92% off
$178.65  $14.99
Save: 92% off

When it comes to comfort, style and quality of sunglasses and eyeglasses, the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses are the best.These oakley sunglasses provide a fresh feeling for individual eyes used during outdoor activities. Discount Oakley Sunglasses come in different materials, shapes and features at the reasonable prices. Keep up in style with the cheap oakley sunglasses.

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Oakley Romeo 2.0 Plasma Gold Iridium Sunglasses

Cant live without my gascan.

Date Added: by Allan Arita

Love the glasses, broke my other pair and bought these.

Date Added: by Hettie's Bling

These glasses are fantastic. High quality lenses and frames. I was impressed with the durability. These are the first pair of glasses I have ever bought polarized, and Ive gotta say it is definitely worth it.

Fast ship time
Durable, high quality frame and lenses
You get what you pay for, as advertised
Oakley Branding just feels awesome on your glasses

Ive noticed they slip down my nose a little bit sometimes, but it may just be I have a weird shaped head haha
When folded they are not as compact as say ray bans or something.

Overall, great product. If I can again afford to buy them I will.

Date Added: by Taylor Clark

As always they are top quality

Date Added: by New Leaf Lawn Indy

my husband like the fit is good for outside sports, driving ,very cool look very good price i am glad i bought it.

Date Added: by Liliana Messina


Date Added: by Leets Giannone

very nice


Just one more review I guess. I am a former Marine and I had standard big ass Oakleys for deployments and they were nice and all just felt very military-esque and defined my personal opinion of Oakleys. But THESE are super nice folks. I was given them as a birthday gift last year and now I have time to review them after 9 months. They reduce glare from shiny objects (road, grass, buildings) and they give a more pleasant tint to the world (I have the fishing lenses and its pinkish). I think my wife spent $165 on them? I always said I would never spend that on sunglasses because they are so mis-marketed but Im glad my wife did because people these are the best sunglasses I have ever worn. If you are shelling out more than $100 on sunglasses at least try these before pulling the trigger. If youre like me you spend $19.99 for sunglasses or buy premium. These are the best IMO.

Date Added: by arien jolly

My favorite activewear sunnies for Runyon Canyon where everybody seems to be too cool for school. These help me fit right in without looking pretentious.

Date Added: by MyResearchMy2Cents

I bought these for my boyfriend and he says they are extremely comfortable. They look sharp on him. The clarity of vision is exceptional. The polarized lenses are the best!

Date Added: by Donna Schanel


Date Added: by Tom Pillion

Excellent product, crystal clear vision ??

Date Added: by skaven72

They fit perfectly. Lightweight, comfortable frames and crystal-clear lenses.

Date Added: by G. Fay

High quality, solid plastic construction, hinges feel substantial, Great fit. Would buy this product again, maybe in white, or if they make a mid tone grey color. Reduces glare while driving or boating.

Date Added: by S. Stevens

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