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Oakley Radar Path Plasma Black Iridium Sunglasses

Model: Oakley 3891
$158.62  $14.99
Save: 91% off

Oakley Radar Path Plasma Black Iridium Sunglasses

(19) Model: Oakley 3891

$158.62  $14.99
Save: 91% off
$158.62  $14.99
Save: 91% off

When it comes to comfort, style and quality of sunglasses and eyeglasses, the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses are the best.These oakley sunglasses provide a fresh feeling for individual eyes used during outdoor activities. Discount Oakley Sunglasses come in different materials, shapes and features at the reasonable prices. Keep up in style with the cheap oakley sunglasses.

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Oakley Radar Path Plasma Black Iridium Sunglasses

I ordered the Jade lens option, came in just as described. The sunglasses fit perfectly on my face. Ill be able to use them for sports since they do not move or fall off. The pictures do not do them justice, they look awesome.

Date Added: by JP


Date Added: by Sam

My husband loves these.

Date Added: by Nicholas Pierre

Best sunglasses Ive ever owned

Date Added: by Keith Hinchman

I love my new Oakleys they are truly vr28 lenses. I have been looking for this type of lens for some time. They are an amber color lens. Which in my opinion works best in all levels of light as I am fair-haired and light complected. I give these glasses 10 Stars nothing wrong with them whatsoever and I am a finicky bastard.

Date Added: by R.Gouge

I love these glasses! I will be buying another pair

Date Added: by Marcus

The product is exactly what I expected. The only thing I would advise others on is the polished rootbeer color comes off very dark if not directly in light. This is not a huge deal to me, but just wanted to make that clear. Overall, I the transaction and the product are/were perfect.

Date Added: by Kyle

Great Sunglasses, Exactly as described.

Date Added: by Benjamin M. Hogan

They are light, the optical quality is flawless, they look great, people give me compliments on them, they wrap around a little so you get excellent peripheral vision. Yeah, I dig them.

Date Added: by MC

They fit great , really durable

Date Added: by Brian

Oh love them so much I do have small face they fit like glove

Date Added: by Mark.s

Great sunglasses, I was told they made me look like the terminator. And they just make me look nice.

Date Added: by Derrick Gentry

Ive never thought Oakleys were worth the price, this is my first pair. I bought them because I liked the color and the style. I must say they are the most comfortable pair of sunglasses I have ever tried on. I have a wide face and they fit perfectly, it says in the description they are for medium to large faces and that is right on. They are light yet seem extremely durable. I have heard of people paying $125 for Oakleys and I would never pay that, but $75 isnt that bad. A good buy

Date Added: by JJ

They are great

Date Added: by Dustan Rohrer


Date Added: by Justin Johnson

Its difficult to find glasses/sunglasses that fit my face and these glasses fit my face perfectly. The styling is great. The glasses are lightweight and dont feel uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. The polarized lenses are awesome and I cant see myself wearing non polarized sunglasses ever again. Love these so much I got the matte frames as well. Highly recommend if they fit your facial structure well.

Date Added: by freshkicks

Very cool

Date Added: by Tammac


Date Added: by Robert K.

Very nice glasses. I like frogskins because I can sit on them without worrying about them breaking. Very durable.

Date Added: by Joshua Star

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