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Oakley 0OO9181 RADARLOCK Black

Model: Oakley 1667
$160.00  $14.99
Save: 91% off

Oakley 0OO9181 RADARLOCK Black

(21) Model: Oakley 1667

$160.00  $14.99
Save: 91% off
$160.00  $14.99
Save: 91% off

As part of the Oakley Graphic Design series, this limited edition Fathom Radarlock is a must-have. The polished black frame is paired with ice iridium lenses. Original artwork by the Oakley Graphics Kitchen, this unique look is Oakley through and through. Magma orange of deep sea vents to the yellow of corals and the blue of shimmering shallows--it/#39;s all in one style. The color palette paints you as a true individual, so no more swimming with the school of uninspired style. Radarlock puts personality into performance. Featuring Oakley Switchlock interchangeable lens technology for fast and easy lens changing, the collection-inspired graphics highlight the earstems of the frame.
Oakley 0OO9181 RADARLOCK Black


Date Added: by Juan Navarrete

Date Added: by Romualdo Berríos Berríos

These glasses were perfect........I lost my original pair of 11 years at an outing I went to and hated not having my pair of oaks.......there back and life is good...!!

Date Added: by Robert Miller

These glasses are great! They are lightweight. The lenses are blue which brightens up the sky.

Date Added: by kaycee

The best most lightweight sun glasses I have ever owned.

Date Added: by Steven Clark

My man loves em and they look super amazing on him!! Thank you very much! Love love love love them!

Date Added: by Barbie

Look cool, the best, you can pop out lenses very easily to replce them

Date Added: by Richard Sacco

Good deal and the polarized lenses block out the suns rays as you would expect. Would recommend this deal to others looking for sunglasses, try them out at a retail store first to make sure you like the fit.

Date Added: by Marc Foelsch

Great Product!

Date Added: by Kristina

Love it??

Date Added: by Katie Craig

Great value and quality

Date Added: by ARTA29

LOVE these glasses. Not too bulky. Excellent fit. Fast delivery.

Date Added: by PS

Got the awesome mom award for this birthday gift for my son. Great quality glasses at a reasonable price! Thanks!

Date Added: by Joanie Handel

These are the cheapest polarized gascans I seen. Good price and quality.

Date Added: by Chad Snortland

These lenses definitely surprised me, very comfortable, they are quite light and good sized.
Basically buy them to use them daily, because the price is good and I like the style, so I decided to give them a try.
I usually use RayBan, but in my opinion recommend this model before the Rayban Wayfarer for its extremely light weight, almost no feeling that youre wearing them!!
Definitely recommend and would return to buy!

Estos Lentes definitivamente me sorprendieron, son muy c

Date Added: by Alejo

This was a present for my boyfriend. This is one of the best birthday gifts for him because it is absolutely amazing with not being too dark like most sunglasses. The protection is superb, and they are all around astonishing ! I highly recommend.

Date Added: by Reign

Chegou no prazo combinado e o produto

Date Added: by RobertoReale

My son wanted a pair of Oakleys for Christmas. We looked all over and Amazons pricing was the best! My son loves them and theyve held up nicely.

Date Added: by Mel

Love them! Just as great as my old ones!

Date Added: by Ladynole2010

Awesome pair of sunglasses! They fit and look great! The polarized lenses really reduce the glare from sunlight. I like how sturdy the frame feels and I can see alot of thought went into the design of it. Now all I have to do is not loose them!!!

Date Added: by Eric R

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