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Oakley Eyepatch 2 Sunglasses black Frame multicolor Lens

Model: Oakley 2466
$107.98  $14.59
Save: 86% off

Oakley Eyepatch 2 Sunglasses black Frame multicolor Lens

(17) Model: Oakley 2466

$107.98  $14.59
Save: 86% off
$107.98  $14.59
Save: 86% off

The original Eyepatch was the biggest frame Oakley ever created, and Eyepatch 2 lays out intricate stem detailing to become the new heir of aggressive originality. Its durable yet lightweight O-Matter frame is decked with dual cam hinges in a comfortable Three-Point Fit. The Oakley Eyepatch 6 Sunglasses dish up huge performance and even bigger style. Rock these eye-covers next time you hit the streets for a modern, innovative look that will protect your eyes.

Oakley Eyepatch 2 Sunglasses black Frame multicolor Lens

Looked a little brown in the picture but came black which is what I wanted. Perfect. Box it came in was quite beat up but glasses had no issues

Date Added: by Glock19

Awesome. Love them

Date Added: by Cynthia S.

I love Oakley sunglasses. They r the only sunglasses I wear. These r too cute. Pink iridium, my favorite color. Had 2 have them. Will come back 4 another pair.

Date Added: by maxiegirl

Look Great. They have white swirls in them that gives them a lot of character. Very sturdy.

Date Added: by Bryan

I scratched my husbands favorite glasses very badly. For a Christmas present I bought him these. The closest match I could find. He said they were even better than the original ones I stole from him.

Date Added: by Naomi

Great Product as described

Date Added: by jim

Please a just wanna know if this sunglasses lens is polarized or not?if somebody know to can help me!please
because im scarred to buy and come the other sunglasses

Date Added: by Gabriel

I actually got these for my wife in the white and pink and she loves them

Date Added: by Aussie Buyer

Excellent. Arrived on time.

Date Added: by LeAnna W.

Great buy, I enjoy them.

Date Added: by steven muth

Great product

Date Added: by ses91101

Ive been using Oakley sunglasses for years and have had a number of different models. Im very active outdoors, running, cycling, etc... and Oakley glasses have never let me down. Yes they are expensive, but not as expensive as some of the major designer glasses. They are built well, last for years and some of the parts can be replaced if broken, althought I have never in my 10 years have ever had an issue with them. You cant go wrong with Oakley!

Date Added: by L. Adler

Good deal and the polarized lenses block out the suns rays as you would expect. Would recommend this deal to others looking for sunglasses, try them out at a retail store first to make sure you like the fit.

Date Added: by Marc Foelsch

Wow so let me first start off by saying that I had these glasses on my wish list in amazon forever and just never could justify spending the money on them now that I have kids (having another pair in white doesnt hurt either). I used to have a black pair and lost them and so needed another black to replace them since the white ones dont match with everything. Anyways they were sitting in my wishlist and I just happened to be scrolling through it when i saw the price of the glasses were 11 dollars! No joke you read that right, eleven dollars lol. I was confused at first that maybe they were just lenses or a bag or something dumb but sure enough when i clicked it and it took me to the item page they were 11 bucks. I quickly jumped on it and ordered a pair...I wanted to order 2 pairs since they had 2 in stock but i didnt want to get greedy as I would have just sold them. Anyways kudos to the seller, Campmor, for honering their mistake. As soon as i ordered I went back and they had changed the price back to 100 bucks. I think maybe someone over there messed up lol. What luck!
So getting over my happiness...the product itself is great. As stated I did own a black pair before which I lost and so I was stuck with only one white pair forever. My white ones (same fuel cell) have lasted me easily 3 years and they still look very good. I do not get the impression they feel cheap at all. They are light and snap apart which is what they are supposed to do in case you sit on them. They looks good...a little on the big side as far as glasses go but you can tell from the pics they are small glasses. This is the style i was looking for anyways. I ride a motorcycle and they fit inside my helmet so they arent that huge. All in all great glasses. So happy to finally have another black pair.

Date Added: by mferg02

These sunglasses have exceeded expectations. Quality lenses and frames plus a perfect fit. You can wear these glasses for a long period of time and will hardly notice they are there. Highly recommended

Date Added: by Waza101

Had a faux aaa one for more than 3 years which i lost last month so i had to buy this. It really feels great!

I was reluctant to buy this from river of goods but when the package arrived, perfect!

Date Added: by cedric j. isip, md

I love these sun glasses and use them all the time.

Date Added: by John Oscar Walumbe

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