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OO9189-15 twoface matte navy chrome irid polarized

Model: Oakley 4827
$178.00  $14.99
Save: 92% off

OO9189-15 twoface matte navy chrome irid polarized

(21) Model: Oakley 4827

$178.00  $14.99
Save: 92% off
$178.00  $14.99
Save: 92% off

  • Lens shape STANDARD
  • Frame color NAVY
  • Fit Standard
  • SKU OO9189-15
OO9189-15 twoface matte navy chrome irid polarized

Rua saudade 138 Jardim jordão Jaboatão dos Guararapes Cep 54315065


My favorite sunglasses. I own about 12 pairs of Oakleys. Most of the ones that I own are sportier glasses Gascans, Batwolf, Style Switch, Big Tacos, Etc. I needed a dressier pair of glasses to wear and these fit the bill. You can tell that these are quality by their heft. They feel hefty without being too heavy. Definitely happy with this purchase.

Date Added: by Grisley

This was an xmas gift for the father. He loved them. Good condition. Brand new. It arrived in apocalypse proof box so thats comforting. They looked great.

Date Added: by Kevin

The product is great, and the case it came with is awesome, perfect safe storage. and plenty of accessories as well.

Date Added: by Shaun


Date Added: by Roberto mercado

Juan Carlos Gutiérrez

Date Added: by Juan Carlos Gutiérrez

Juan Carlos Gutiérrez

Date Added: by Juan Carlos Gutiérrez

Oakleys are the best!!

Date Added: by Joseph N. Buentello

Great sunglasses loved them !!!!

Date Added: by Ampy5150

This past winter was very mild and in the south and as a result the bugs (gnats) on the golf course are a problem. May reason for buying these glasses was to keep the bugs out of my eyes. That said these glasses are form fitting to my face and work great for this purpose. As an added plus I found the colors on the golf course while wearing these glasses permit me to see variation in colors and I never expected. Great surprise!

Date Added: by William C.

Product as advertised

Date Added: by JKT

I work EMS full time Im very active at work these are amazing dont fall off my face when sweating I wear them all day and dont even feel them on.

Date Added: by Jeffrey Benson

I purchased these back in September 2012 and use them daily. They have been great and I do not regret the purchase. Especially since at the time they sold for 68.16 with shipping and now I see the price had gone up. The reason I purchased through AMAZON was due to the lower price and the fact they are authentic. I purchased Croakies Terra Spec Cords Long (could not find through AMAZON) to go with the sunglasses and they are a great match, especially since the sides of the glasses are wide.

Date Added: by OniZ

Fits very well compared to my non-Asian Fit Gascans. My Gascans would always ride up on my cheeks.

Date Added: by May S.

Very nice fit. Similar to the gascans.

Date Added: by Thomas Johnson

best glasses I have owned

Date Added: by stephen segraves

I like them.

Date Added: by Joseph Haggerty

These are amazing all pourpose sunglasses. They look and feel great, very comfortable. My wife tells me they look good on my face, and I would submit I have a very average looking face. The Lens is very clear and you can see things perfectly through them. No clouding or darkening to the point you hamper visabilaty. Just make sure you only use the cloth inside box to clean them or you might scratch the lenses. This goes for any glasses/sunglasses you buy. Microfiber cloth is the best.

Date Added: by Erik-divedeeper


Date Added: by Steve Maxson

awesome quality product brand new and look awesome with a high quality storage case, as youd expect from Oakley a quality product. I had these shipped via APO which was mega ultra quick, Thank you

Date Added: by mark stephenson

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